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We understand that most people are mostly interested in the impressive technical language(Jargon) that they learned on Wikipedia or some other information resource site -- and we think that's cool. That's how we got our start. But we thought it would be nice to offer a little bit more about who we are as people, because we will be the ones helping you learn and run your online business.

Our team started just like you - endlessly searching the web for the best deal. What we found was that there were too many good deals and most were too good to be true. We've been taken by scammers before and understand the value in a good host who will take care of you, not take you for a ride. So we understand where you are coming from. Some of you may be brand new to web hosting, which is just fine, and others may come with vast knowledge and experience. As far as those bad experiences go, we believe you can be bitter or better, so let us help make you better at what you do online.

This leads us to the beginning of DMI Web Hosting. We were trying to find a working solution, but most services were just too expensive or their customer service was horrible. Other times the price and quality just didn't match up and that's when we decided to do it on our own. Through years of training and real-world experience, we are able to help other people with their web hosting needs, as well as provide exceptional support behind the scenes. Plus we have been able to align ourselves with one of the world's leading teams of support and network administrators who make everything work fluidly. The results have been very good for both us and our clients. We are able to provide services that are rich in quality and customer support, with a fair pricing structure in return.

We've come up with ways to offer great services in various formats for hosting customers to do whatever they wish online. We understand that we aren't the "rock bottom" shop some others are, but have you tried their services? We have! Most have slow servers, old-fashioned and sluggish control panels and the bottom line is time and money. We don't want to waste your time or money, so we offer fairly priced services including fast servers, control panels, user-friendly features, flexibility for growing companies and great support and communication. We also continue to look for newer improved solutions to add to our existing services. We want to grow with you and help you grow comfortably. Too many times web hosts become growing pains when you aren't even growing!

Back to the beginning...

We started working with the web hosting industry in the early to mid nineties. We have learned a lot over the last ten years about how the internet works and the background operations that make it 'point and click' for end-users. Our group is comprised of techie geeks (no that was not a typo) :o) and developers who like to test our systems abusively and to push the limits in the area of improvement. We don't do things half way, and we don't agree with the "sweep it under the carpet" attitude. We like things to be done well and with excellence. So you can expect this from us both corporately and individually.

We are regular Joes, like most of you, and we have our strengths and weaknesses. But our experiences and commitment help us relate to, understand and help our clients do what they need to do with their hosting services. We use every aspect of our hosting services ourselves every day, so we know what you are experiencing at all times. Trial and error is a great way to learn and we don't sell services blindly. Our latest data center has gone through over 150 hours of network testing, and stress testing, with disaster recovery planners, and proved it can stand up to any possible error.. We appreciate the Internet and want it to be a rewarding environment for learning and a breeding ground for new ideas.

The bottom line is that we believe in this business and in helping people, so it makes a great marriage between the business and those running it.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. Now we'd like to learn more about you and your online interests to see how we can help serve your web hosting needs. Check out our full list of hosting services here. Otherwise click here to read more about our company.
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