Why Choose Us?

Quality Assurance with DMI Web Hosting

Choose DMI Web Hosting because the wrong hosting provider could cost you your business.

No Commissions
Our staff does not work on a commission basis therefore you won't get pounded with shark-tactics. We won't sell you anything you don't need and you can have peace of mind when contacting us for help with sales. It sucks to feel nervous about calling a host for sales questions because they might 'put you on their list' or try to sell you an upgrade that you don't need and didn't ask for.

Suits and Expense Accounts
We don't spend money on overpriced suits and outrageous expense accounts(which often force companies to charge their customers more to support their lavish business lifestyles), which helps us save you money. We are professionals in the hosting business, not the clothing industry. If you need a suit call a tailor. If you are need serious, high quality hosting, give us a call.

We Pass the "800" Savings to You
By not using 'toll-free' phone numbers, that the customers really do pay for, we save you money. We also don't spend money on ridiculously high priced office furniture... but still work comfortably in a professional atmosphere. We value the trust and investment our customers make with us, so we budget wisely on things that add value to our services.

Service Guaranteed
We back up our service up with a genuine SLA located in our legal section. We understand you are in a business which relies on our service and we are ready to completely commit to your business. As a bonus, we offer every shared customer FREE daily backups to further secure your satisfaction with us.

True 24x7 Monitoring and Security
DMI Web Hosting truly does have 24x7 server monitoring and security. We offer you a manned data center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Premium Bandwidth Network
We understand it is important that your website displays fast and is always available, this is why we only partner and do business with Tier 1 bandwidth carriers who are known as the best in the industry. Together with partners such as Level3, Time Warner, and Savvis we bring your website to a whole new level.

Profitable, Responsible, and Proud
Unlike many companies who operate business to aim for numbers, we responsibly operate to provide you with the best level of service at the best price. As a debt-free profitable company you can relax knowing we are not going anywhere anytime soon and look forward to many years of business ahead.

Global Interactive Provider
We aim to extend all our levels of service to anyone in the world whether you are from the USA, Canada, UK, China, Japan, India or Mexico. We value your business and will expand to support you in anyway possible. No barriers will inhibit our service philosophy.

Planned Growth
We deploy a variety of hosting solutions on a day-to-day basis from entry-level to enterprise-level. Our service plans include many types of options to suit your company needs. We have what it takes to provide solutions to your growing website and ever-changing needs.

You have nothing to lose.
DMI Web Hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. We are so confident you will be pleased with our services today, tomorrow, and years from now. We want to show you we are determined to make sure you are completely content and satisfied with our services. Literally, you have nothing to lose.

More Reasons to Join!

With literally thousands of web hosting companies to choose from, how do you decide which company is right for you? Questions you should be asking are:

  1. Does the company have the technical expertise to manage my website 24/7?
  2. Does the company have a selection of scalable products and services that will facilitate the growth of my business?
  3. Does the company invest in the best equipment and resources?
  4. Does the company have the financial stability to meet my needs into the future?
If you asked any of these questions about DMI Web Hosting, the answer to each would be YES!

You'll get the right answers with DMI Web Hosting. Through continuous staff training and technological upgrades, we are able to successfully meet our customer's evolving hosting needs. Our value-packed plans keep their costs low and profits high. Additionally, by carefully managing our growth and remaining privately owned, we have avoided the financial hardships that so many publicly traded web services firms have experienced.
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