Overselling is Unfair!

At DMI Web Hosting (DWH), we pride ourselves on the fact that our customers get what we say they get. To start off let's look at Overselling, the practice. By definition, Overselling is when a business (or individual) offers more of an product or service than they currently have. Most of you reading this have probably experienced this in a hotel or airline, where you showed up and they didn't have any rooms or seats available. Why do they do this? Because they know statistically they are going to have a few "no shows", so those people will make room for additional revenues. The same applies to hosts who practice overselling. They "KNOW" statistically about how much space the average site is going to use, so they give the rest away to other account holders to make more money. Now imagine on top of them offering more space to each account than would fit practically into a single dedicated server, since you aren't paying for a dedicated server, they are going to cram hundreds (or possibly more) of additional accounts on the same server.

So what's the problem with Overselling?
1. When you decide to actually use the huge or 'unlimited' amount of disk space that they've promised you, someone has to pay for it, so either you get the boot, or everyone on the machine suffers when it runs out of disk space. Let's take it directly from a phone conversation one of our own staff had with a manager at a company who thrives on overselling. The manager, whom we will leave un-named, stated that "when someone exceeds a reasonable amount of resource usage, we ask them to find a new host". When questioned about offering dedicated options their reply was simply "we don't offer dedicated, so they are on their own to find a new host". So the customer gets kicked to the curb and for what? Using the resources they've been promised and have faithfully paid for month after month, just to have this treatment. Eventually anyone can out-warm their welcome, especially when their host isn't being up front.

2. If you read the fine print, nothing is "unlimited" when it comes to disk space and bandwidth. And ever read the term "unmetered" on a hosting package before? Believe us when we say, someone is reading the meter! So even though you may get your foot into the door with one of these hard to believe packages, they truly are too good to be true.

3. On a server where overselling or "stuffing" is being done, if all or most of the customers on that server would all of a sudden consume all the bandwidth and the space that they were allocated, the server would not have the space and the company would have to pay at a higher-than-usual rate for the bandwidth consumed over the maximum bandwidth levels that were initially allocated by their provider. Regarding disk space, you could always add another hard drive if there was room, but if this wasn't the case, even upgrading the size of the current drives to new larger drives, this could cause all websites and email services on the servers to incur downtime.

At DMI Web Hosting we offer several packages at rates that we feel are comparable for what you are getting and we do not oversell our services. So what this means for each of our customers is that when they order an account, they get a set amount of resources locked in for their account, and only that one account. You may use as much or as little as you want, but rest assured that no other account owners will have access to your piece of the pie. For this reason we limit the amount of accounts per server. When we say unlimited for things like email accounts and forwarders, we truly mean that you can make as many as you feel like spending the time to make. You are only limited by the amount of disk space and bandwidth you have to use these services, so fair is fair and that's just how we roll. :o)

Here are some tips on finding a reliable web host:
  • Cheaper is not always better, experienced webmasters say you get what you pay for.

  • Look for hosts who have multiple support options. (e.g. email, help desk, phone, fax, mail)

  • Find out how long the hosting company has been in business.
So back to the matter at hand, Say No to Overselling!

What if I run out of disk space or bandwidth? We are always happy to provide you with additional disk space or bandwidth as needed, but what we will do is add more if the server you are on has room, without using other people's space, or if needed, we will move your account to a new server with more resources and help you upgrade your account to a more suitable package without crashing your site or taking you down for growing. After all, we are all in business to grow and when you have the problem of running out of resources, this is the best kind of problem to have.

Other Ways Overselling Hurts:
When the host plans how many websites to host on a server, the first limit is the processing power of the processor (combined with memory usage, maximum transfer speed etc.). This is saying that although on paper a server might be able to host 300 websites and push 1000 GB, in reality that's not always possible. If the websites are all busy forums or otherwise use databases, send lots of emails, and use scripts (SSI, PHP, PERL, ASP etc.) the computing power of the machine might be exceeded long before reaching the bandwidth limit. In fact, this might happen even if the company was not overselling bandwidth, but your chances of avoiding this are to not use over sellers.

Other Examples of Overselling:

Imagine if you bought a house in a new development, put in your deposit, waited two years, and was about to move in when the developer told you "Sorry, we donít have a house available for you after all. We sold 40 houses but only built 10!"

Telecommunications Companies: They have millions of customers, but if all (or just too many) of their customers would decide to use the phone at the same time, they would not be able to give them all the service they have paid for. Ever experienced this during a festival or in a crowded mall where too many people are on their cells? I don't know about you, but where I live, the New Year's Eve is a time when the lines get very busy. So busy in fact that it becomes very hard if not impossible to get the tone. You're basically cut off.

Imagine if you bought a ticket on an airplane flight and when you showed up, they told you they'd overbooked (where's the ETHICS?) and would you be willing to take a later flight? Uh, NO!

Play it safe, we do. We take every account seriously and don't treat the success of your site or service as a gamble. We take every precaution to ensure only the best results. From performance to support, you can count on us.


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