International Web Hosting Plans

Our line of International Hosting services includes most if not all of the same packages available to our domestic customers. DMI Web Hosting does support the use of allw current international tlds.

Types of Web Hosting

Country Code TLD Definitions

  • .am Armenia
  • .at Austria
  • .be Belgium
  • .cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • .cn China
  • New Zealand/Commercial
  • United Kingdom/Commercial
  • China/Commercial
  • Taiwan/Commercial
  • .de Germany
  • .fm Micronesia
  • Taiwan/Individual
  • .tw Taiwan
  • .jp Japan
  • United Kingdom/Personal
  • .ms Montserrat
  • China/General Purpose
  • New Zealand/General Purpose
  • .nu Niue
  • China/Organization
  • New Zealand/Organization
  • Taiwan/Organization
  • United Kingdom/Organization
  • .tc Turks and Caicos Islands
  • .tk Tokelau
  • .vg British Virgin Islands
wWhile we work to support all current international tlds, new tlds are launched very often. Therefore we do not warrant the use of or support of any tld that is not already working on our systems. If you have any trouble with a tld, please contact our support department and we will try to help you get your domain name setup on one of our systems.
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