Web Hosting Options

Web hosting can be used for a very wire range of services and purposes, so we have broken them down into a list of ways web hosting service is used. Keep in mind that these are only a few of the ways you can use web hosting!

Real Estate Agents or For Sale by Owner

If you are a real estate agent or a home owner wishing to sell real estate online, host your own website with us. Find a plan

Corporate Hosting

Create a website for your business or corporation and host it on our fast servers. You can also create a corporate blog for to communicate to your clients and partners. Find a plan

Small Business Hosting

Does your small business need a website or is your current site a bore? Move it to DMI Web Hosting and we'll get you up and running and we have partnerships with web designers who can help design and build you an effective and affordable website. Find a plan

Online Store Hosting

Use our e-commerce services to build and maintain your own online store. We offer all of the tools you will need to create a successful business. Find a plan

Publish and Sell Your Own Book Online

Ever want to write your own book and get it published? Problem is that it can be hard to get an agent, sign a deal and get it published... even at that it can be hard to make money at it. So why not just do it yourself? There are millions of people who buy books online every day. Get into the business today with DMI Web Hosting! Find a plan

Non-profit Charity Organization Websites

Doing a good thing in the world? Get web hosting with us to share your own website and information about your group. Tell others about it so they can help support your cause through the web. More people are starting to give online because it's easier, faster and safer than ever before. Find a plan


Have a product or service to market? Put it in front of people with your very own website. We can host it and help handle all of the visitors who will be looking up your product. Find a plan

Photo Hosting

Share your photos with friends and family. Host them online with us today. Find a plan

Forum Hosting

Got something to say or are you just listening? Either way, you can create your own forum -- free with any of our hosting plans. Find a plan

Sell something online like a car, used items or other things

Want to get rid of old items or sell your car but just can't afford all of the expense of the big auction sites? Create your own web pages to sell your items or make an auction site of your own! Find a plan

Chat Hosting

Create your own online chat group with DMI Web Hosting. You won't have to worry about crowds or lost connections with your own chat room. Find a plan

Message Board Hosting

Let people share their thoughts on current events, sports, your group theme or just life in general with your own message board. We offer the best software and know you'll enjoy owning and managing your own boards. Find a plan

Church Website Hosting

Does your church need a website? Reach more people in your community with a website. List it in the local yellow pages, your weekly bulletins, television commercials and on billboards. Get people in your doors and a website will communicate things like what you believe, what to expect and service times 24 hours a day. Your staff won't have to be on the phone all day answering calls and we will keep your website working all day and night for you. Find a plan

Image Hosting

Got a website that is mission critical or needs extra storage for image files? Host your files with DMI Web Hosting. We'll take care of the hosting and bandwidth for your site images and you can host your pages on your existing hosting account. Split the difference and make your hosting work better for your important website. Find a plan

Music Hosting

Calling all musicians and writers! If you want to distribute or stream your music online without paying extreme prices at other niche music sites, just come to DMI Web Hosting. With us you can host your music files, downloads, streaming music site or create an online music store. Spread your music around the world at a great price and with a great company. Find a plan

Video Hosting

Video creators, Hollywood film makers, independent directors or other video fans... post your videos to the web! DMI Web Hosting can help you with video hosting for your own website. Stream with the best! Find a plan

Blog Hosting

Create a blog online and share your own story with other people online. If you have an opinion to share, do it online with the world's largest audience. Every day people are looking for new blogs to read and to share with friends. Start today. Find a plan

Calendar Hosting

Businesses and families can benefit from a personal calendar. So get a free calendar with DMI Web Hosting. Stay organized, communicate better and spend your time better. With our calendar hosting you'll enjoy planning events and budgeting your time more effectively. Find a plan

Photography Hosting

Whether you are a professional, amateur or individual photographer, you can post and share your photos online with a digital photo gallery. Sell your pictures online or offer free downloads through the Internet. Find a plan

Gallery Hosting

Need an image gallery for your pictures and photographs? Contact our sales team for details about our gallery tools and if you are ready to go pro, we know of a great flash photo gallery tool that you could greatly benefit from. Find a plan

Auto Dealer Hosting

Auto dealerships need to have a web presence because more people are shopping online for new and used cars. Reach new customers and get return business by allowing customers to view your lot from the web. If you are looking to create leads for your company or auto group, start now! Find a plan

Newsletter Hosting

Want to create a newsletter or e-zine? We have what it takes to host and power the best newsletter and e-lists around and you can take the helm today. Find a plan

Group or Fan Club Hosting

If you run a club or special group you can create web pages to post news, feedback and events online. Connect in a new way with our hosting. Find a plan

Email Hosting

If you have a need for personal, family, group or business email... we have what you are looking for. Find a plan

Family Hosting

Want to stay connected with family and friends? You can create a personal web page for your family to post pictures, news and updates on. Includes email so you can communicate easier with family and other relatives who may not live in the same town or country. Don't miss another special moment. Find a plan

Kids Hosting

Kids are starting to use the web more every day, so why not give them the power to create their very own web pages? They can use them for school projects, research, online learning and summer fun. Find a plan

Newspaper or News Website Hosting

Looking for a more stable host for your vital newspaper website or online news group site? We can help. Our plans come optimized for content-driven websites including lots of disk space, data bases, email, support and more helpful tools. Gain more exposure with a site that is up 24/7/365. Find a plan

Bank or Credit Union Website Hosting

Need to take your business online or are you looking for a new place to host your critical banking website? We can provide you with one of our more advanced hosting systems that will allow your team to manage your website content easily, fast and within budget. We understand how important banking business is and because we work hard for you, your customers will thank you for the great online service. Need a special package? Contact our sales dept. Find a plan

Government Hosting

We understand how vital government information is to the public. With our advanced hosting technologies and powerful servers you can rest assured that your website will be in good hands. Our team monitors our services 24/7x365 so you don't have to concern yourselves with our part. Need a special package? Contact our sales dept. Find a plan

Lending Group Hosting

If you are out to reach a new audience, let us assist you in hosting your website and marketing landing pages. All pages can be host securely with DMI Web Hosting so your customers won't hesitate passing their personal information to your company. Find a plan

Political Hosting

Whether you are already in office or you are preparing for campaign season, we can help keep your website and vital information up and running 24x7. We already serve political content on our network and look forward to meeting your needs. Find a plan

Services Company Website Hosting

If your services company needs an online presence that will help support your growing business, we want you to know that we are ready to help. Our services will not only keep your website information online at all times, but we can also help you communicate with potential customer through online forms and email. Find a plan

Budget Hosting

If you need a deal on web hosting, we can give it to you! 90% of our plans cost less than a tank of gas! Find a great deal today with DMI Web Hosting. Find a plan

Business Hosting

Let us support your business online. Even if you aren't an online business, your business needs an online presence. It has become an expected part of business today and we have what it takes to help you. Find a plan

Canadian Hosting

If you are a Canadian resident or a business based in Canada we want to help you create an online presence. Our hosting offers 24x7 monitoring, backups, lots of extras and plenty of site resources. Find a plan

Sports Hosting

If you want to create a sports site we can provide your website a home on the Internet. Whether you run a site for a sports team (professional, high school, middle school, kids, local, church team or other), are sharing stats, running a fantasy sports team or just want to have a fan website; we can host it for you. Find a plan

Cheap Hosting

Find the cheapest deals online with us. Save money and enjoy the web. Find a plan

Dedicated Hosting

If your website is mission critical, our dedicated hosting is just what you need. With complete management, professional support and around the clock monitoring, we will help you with your professional needs. Find a plan

Domain Hosting

Whether you have 1 or 1,000 domain names, if you need to host them for whatever reason... we look forward to serving you. You can host landing pages, redirect pages or for sale pages. Find a plan

E-Commerce Hosting

If you want to create an online store or to run e-commerce transactions online, our e-commerce hosting is just what you need. Find a plan

Email Hosting

Maybe you don't want your own website but you want personal email. Our email hosting can do this for you. Find a plan

Affiliate Link and Website Hosting

Host your affiliate program or affiliate related website with us. If you are an affiliate trying to make extra cash, host with us and post your links online. For affiliate program managers, if you want to create your own online forum and website, we can host them for you. Find a plan

Fantastico Hosting

If you are looking for Fantastico hosting, look no more. We offer Fantastico free with all of our cPanel hosting. Find a plan

cPanel Hosting

If you are looking for cPanel or WHM hosting, look no more. We offer free  cPanel licenses with most of our shared hosting plans. Find a plan

FrontPage Hosting

Building a website with Microsoft FrontPage? We can host it for you. You don't have to use windows hosting if you prefer Linux for things like PHP. Find a plan

Dream Weaver Hosting

If you use Dream Weather to develop web sites and pages our hosting plans are perfect for you. Find a plan

Linux Hosting

Want a Linux hosting plan? We have many! Find a plan

GoLive Hosting

If you design with Adobe GoLive we offer great hosting plans that you can use to publish your web pages to. Find a plan

Managed Hosting

Don't want to manage your own dedicated server? Let us do it. Find a plan

MySQL Hosting

Need MySQL for your website or forum? Get it free with DMI Web Hosting. Find a plan

PHP Hosting

Running a site with PHP pages, files and functions? We have the best PHP Hosting plans around. Find a plan

Theme Park Hosting

Host your theme park website or network of sites with us and save money every day. Find a plan

Travel Site Hosting

Travel agents, travel discount websites, and specialty travel sites we want to host your website. We understand that your business runs 24x7x365 and will work to support your site every day of the year. Get the best, fastest and the most user-friendly website hosting with DWH. Find a plan

Merchant Hosting

If you are a merchant looking for a professional host to house your online store with, we can help you. Our experienced professionals understand how important your online business can be and will work with you to make sure it is online and running for every transaction. Find a plan

Reseller Hosting

Want to make money in the hosting business? Join the DWH reseller program and get the best deals and discounts on reseller hosting. Our plans include everything you will need to get up and running quick and easily. Find a plan

Secure Hosting

Do you need to host secure files and handle secure transactions? Let us help. Find a plan

Secure Shell Hosting (SSH)

Need SSH access? We can help you find the right plan for this. Find a plan

UK Hosting

European residents and those in the United Kingdom looking for the best deal, let us help you get your site online. UK businesses can also benefit from our small business centre. Find a plan

Unix Hosting

If you are looking for a Unix host, we can help. Our Unix plans offer everything you need for your Unix-based site. Find a plan

Unix/Linux Hosting

Find hosting for Unix and Linux applications. Find a plan

Link Exchange Hosting

Create your own link exchange online and host it with DMI Web Hosting. Find a plan

Auction Hosting

Establish your own Auction website like eBay or uBid and host it with us today. Find a plan

Home Page Hosting

Create your own home page and start every browser experience on your own custom home page.

Podcast Hosting

If you have your own podcast or wish to begin a podcast, we can help power it so your listeners will always be able to connect and listen to you. Find a plan

RSS Feed Hosting / XML Hosting

If your website offers rss feeds and xml feeds, we can host them for you. Save money and reach more people every day. Find a plan

Weather Site Hosting

Do you offer weather on your website? Weather websites need to be up and running 24hours every day and we understand this. That is why our hosting services are run by professionals who can help keep your website available during blue skies and hurricanes. Our data center is category 5 storm resistant. Host with the pros. Find a plan

Blogger-compatible Hosting

Got a Blogger account? Publish it to your very own hosting account with DMI Web Hosting. Find a plan

Host a WordPad Blog

Create your own WordPad blog with us today. Find a plan

Spanish Site Hosting

Need to host a multilingual website? We can support your Spanish language website. Find a plan

School Project Hosting

Get a hosting account and post your school projects online. Find a plan

Education Website Hosting

Our web hosting is perfect for education system websites, resource centers, and colleges and university websites. Find a plan

Private Email Server Hosting

Want to have your own private mail servers? Our email hosting offers private mail servers with each hosting account. Find a plan

Flash Hosting

Host your flash documents and files online with us. Find a plan

JavaScript Hosting

Host your JavaScript codes and applications online with DMI Web Hosting. Find a plan

Document Hosting

Upload important documents for storage or later downloads. Great for transferring files online - save a disk. Find a plan

File Storage Hosting

Store important files or back them up on the Internet with file storage hosting. Find a plan

Data Storage and Information Hosting

If you need a place to move important data for backup or long-term storage, you can use our hosting to store data and other important information online. Find a plan

Webmail Hosting

Great web mail hosting is offered free with our email hosting packages. Find a plan

Restaurant Hosting

Take your restaurant to the Internet. More people are looking for places to go out on the web every day. Even if you are already in the Yellow Pages, you still need a website of your own to offer directions, menu information, contact details and other useful data online. Find a plan

Directory Hosting

Want to create a directory of information? Post it online with DMI Web Hosting. Find a plan

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